lorem ipsum wrists

Designers have had a torrid love affair with Lorem Ipsum for ages. Actually a lot longer than you could possibly imagine. With roots in classical Latin literature, Lorem Ipsum has been the print industry’s standard dummy text since the 16th century, popularized in the 1960s. It has become the de facto placeholder text in web design, too, […]

SEO Speedwagon

Slurp, SERPS. Search Engine Results Pages. Getting there” In a word, keywords. Without question, SEO is one of the yummiest topics in content today. Also more complex and changing than Kim or Chloe K’s hair. There’s the tech side, sophisticated algorisms lost in supposed logic, trying to figure out what works. You probably have someone […]


We laugh. We love. We leave. We worry. We yearn. We envy. We need. We think we need. We’re human and we’re amazing. We’ve got hearts that aren’t just there to keep us pumping through life. Those hearts breathe emotional life into everything we think and do. We’re wired with vats of different emotions. Why […]

OK, we’re going to do a little exercise here. Get somewhere comfy (preferably not hooked up to any device) close your eyes and repeat… “I am not my target.” (Deep and cleansing breath…) “I am not my target.” (Don’t stop now…) “I am not my target.” What you are, is someone who runs or owns […]