Elin Jacobson

Award-winning word wizard and creative zealot with years developing and delivering differentiating, integrated marketing communications across all media. Social media, web content development, blog content, print/collateral, branding, broadcast. Skilled at not just creating unique brands, but giving them voice. My niche? Content that connects. Knowing what your customers really want and need and then translating those insights into powerful and relevant messaging that leads to strategic, profitable solutions. Work that makes you stand out. Get noticed. Break through. Be remembered. Get results. Repeatedly.

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I Color With Words

(Outside the box, no surprise.) Words that say what you want in ways never heard before. Words that inform, guide and entertain. Words that get heads nodding a collective “YES, I want it”, to the deafening sound of wallets flying open. Words that reach out and touch them all. All with the right and relevant content. Words that ignite their emotions, putting a fire under their desire to buy into whatever you’re selling. Words that make technology human. Words that speak the language of social media. Words that tell stories with profitable, (and oh-wouldn’t-it-make-you-deliriously-happy) endings.

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The Other Me You Might Want to Know:

The Other Me You Might Want to Know:

Grew up in Detroit, knowing by age six I needed to get out

Began flexing creative muscle shortly after

Original Mad Woman in Mad Men world

Known for pluck. Ditto guts.

Some of best ideas often captured on cocktail napkins and pillowcases

Can even make lug nuts exciting

First award- tie tack

Best award-Cannes Golden Lion

Obsessively pushes boundaries

Fervently believes every medium is social if it connects to your target

Spends quality time with ridiculous side.

Can’t drink anything green, regardless of touted benefits

Always follow my gut

Favorite t-shirt would read “Make Them Happy”

Personal business mantra: Sell more things, to more people, more often, for more money.