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Who I am What I do

About Me

Award-winning word wizard and creative zealot with years developing and delivering differentiating, integrated marketing communications across all media. Social media, web content development, blog content, print/collateral, branding, broadcast. Skilled at not just creating unique brands, but giving them a voice.

What I can do for you

Social Media

Too often, social media content is just plain ‘ol copy. I get potential customers to sit up and take notice, take time to see what your site has to offer, and ultimately take action.

Web Content

A website can be a single page, it can be 27. No one is going to get the picture either way if the message isn’t succinct and informative. I make the messaging wanting you wanting more.

Blog Content

Why do so many people treat their blogs as a nothing-but-blah afterthought? I write blog content that allows the readers to get information, at the same time believing that you actually “get” what they’re thinking about.


A brand is not a color. Nor a design. It’s not what you want people to believe about you, but rather what they already think about you in their minds. When it comes to branding, I don’t “Just Do It”, I’ve done it for clients of every type and size.

Print & Collateral

Print may be getting smaller and smaller as do our devices, but it is still an invaluable, integrated piece of the pie. It’s where content and design marry rather than just live together in separate rooms.

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