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Everything about me begs to be used.

From B2B, B2C, USP, A2Z. Headlines, taglines, long copy and short. Name any industry. Any target. From big agency to small business.  Yes, I can do it all, because I’ve have years of success having done it all. When it comes to experience, you can never have too much.

Use me.

I can help.

It’s what I do.

Without question, people were turned off by seeing a dentist named Dr. Gross. Elin had the genius idea of branding me “Dr. G.” which customers thought was cool, making them more inclined to make appointments. And the collateral she produced, turned the terror of going to the dentist into something verging on sexy confidence. It was way beyond my expectations, and in addition to new patients, the referrals keep my calendar full. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Roofers were known for being messy, dirty and unreliable. I honestly didn’t think anything could reverse that impression until Elin branded and transformed our company into the one to call, the roofing service who would not only get the job done right, but who would leave customers’ homes clean, with everything in place. She even took the unique approach of humanizing our staff, writing personalized bios that made them approachable and trustworthy. She literally changed my business.

Being a self-owned financial planner was an uphill battle against the big boys in the game. But with detailed research, Elin discovered that when it came to financial matters, people wanted small so that they were guaranteed one on one attention. They also wanted the products and processes simplified into language they could easily understand, so that they could feel comfortable discussing any and all questions with me. She branded me as the one who “took every penny personally”, and created collateral whose content made people believe it to be true. Talk about a great investment.

I have worked years with Elin on projects of every size on a multitude of different businesses. Every time I thought she couldn’t possibly deliver better, more breakthrough work, she blew me away on the next job. Branding?  She had the themes and lines that set everyone apart from the competition. Concepts? No one sees the big picture better. And her writing? Every word tells a story with compelling, detailed, unique content. There is no one I can count on more to help pitch new work or grow the work that exists. She’s my go-to for good.

Elin is amazing in every way. I have never worked with someone who came up with so many big ideas in such a short time. She did everything from branding to television commercials, radio, video scripts, RFP’s, articles, web content. Name it. She looked at every project with a fresh eye, was completely on target, and always delivered on time. We repeatedly won new business and expanded on work with the clients we had. We even wrote an ongoing column for the South Florida Business Journal and gave presentations at different corporate events.

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