SEO Speedwagon

Slurp, SERPS. Search Engine Results Pages. Getting there” In a word, keywords. Without question, SEO is one of the yummiest topics in content today. Also more complex and changing than Kim or Chloe K’s hair. There’s the tech side, sophisticated algorisms lost in supposed logic, trying to figure out what works. You probably have someone on staff tackling those conundrums. You most likely also have an SEO guru (at least that’s what their resume read) figuring out keywords. Or then there’s always good ol’ Google helping you search for the right keywords to help you shoot up to the top of Google. The problem is that you just might come up with elephantine lists of suggestions that would overstuff any content. OK, so you whittle down to what you believe is a more manageable list of keywords. Then what? What is the keyword rule of thumb? Is two too little? Three too much? Five right on the money? Short-Tail fall short? Mid-Tail a mover? Long-Tail too long?  It’s like the Goldilocks of marketing. When in doubt, just toss them all in. It’s enough to give any writer a case of Copy Tourette Syndrome (CTS). I think I just invented something here. The thing is, no one has actually ever been able to say “these keywords are “jusssst right” with any authority. But before you get into an SEO frenzy that no amount of goat yoga could ease, here’s the key thing to remember; it’s all about writing for humans. You can call them customers, but they are living, breathing, curious, wanting, needing individuals. And if you don’t get ‘em, you’ll never get them. Or their business. Keywords might get them to your site, but with content that’s less than substantial and exceedingly lackluster, they’ll be history in a nanosecond. Nexxxxxttt….

So choose your keywords wisely, and work with a writer who can deliver Google goosebumps.

It’ll pay.