So, where are you going? What does your marketing plan look like? Oh, you don’t have one? Winging it is going to be about as successful as an emu trying to take flight. (Hint: NASA couldn’t get them off the ground.)  Maybe you’ll take the piecemeal approach; try a brochure…a blog maybe…word of mouth…(no words for that one.) Your brother-in law, who happens to be a divorce attorney, claims he can write whatever you need. Free of charge. But believe it when you hear how much it will cost you in lost sales. Or worse, potential sales. Your neighbor thinks you should advertise on bus benches. Look at it all and what you see is humungous Mish and disastrous Mash. What to do? What to do? Try this to get the big picture; imagine getting a drone’s eye view looking down at your business. No one doing anything in that corner. Lots of contagious head-scratching clogging the middle. Is anyone actually doing any of your business on their phone? Is anyone actually sitting down together trying to formulate a plan that creates loyal customers and real revenue for you? What you’re going to see going on is most likely a disaster plan for who knows what.

Success needs a blueprint.

Hiring me to help, would be the beginning of a brilliant strategy.

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