We laugh. We love. We leave. We worry. We yearn. We envy. We need. We think we need. We’re human and we’re amazing. We’ve got hearts that aren’t just there to keep us pumping through life. Those hearts breathe emotional life into everything we think and do. We’re wired with vats of different emotions. Why is it so many advertisers and marketers don’t get it? They talk at us, not to us. They tell us why we desperately need their products or services. Why we should love and cherish their brands above all else. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they started a movement called #buymebuymetrymebuymejustbecause assuming it would be a surefire way to get us to whip open our wallets (physical or digital) and spend, spend, spend. Whaaa? Do they really even have a clue? Do they really care about what we like? What we actually want and need that will make our lives easier or more exciting? Truly connecting with someone (aka “target”) means listening. Talking to them in a language they understand. Where they don’t need a translator. Or get a headache from the blah blah blah…aaarrgh… If you truly want to connect with your customers (once you finally figure out who they are) and write content that connects to them on a gut level, you have to reach out and….whoa…I feel an award-winning classic line coming on (one which I worked on with AT&T for many years), you have to Reach Out and Touch Someone. Maybe content needs a little more of that today.